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About Us

Professional Wedding Planner

Bride and Groom at Sunset

At Daring to Dream Events we stand behind the commitment a husband and wife make on the day of their dream wedding. We understand how foundational that commitment is year after year until death do us part. Combining 25 years of event planning, restaurant management and entrepreneurship we have the skills and desire to throw the most epic events. We want your wedding day to be something people talk about for years to come. That is accomplished by giving our brides and grooms peace of mind that they can be a guest at their own wedding.  From beginning to end, everything will be handled with excellence so that your love for each other can shine bright on your special day. Leave every guest inspired by your passion for each other and in awe of how professionally the biggest day of your lives was executed. We are excited to stand with you every step of the way while planning your dream wedding.

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